Scorpions and other creatures of the night

Although available in the earlier versions of the game, scorpions have disappeared as trustworthy companions of goblin, while spiders remained. It is mostly due to the fact the they have been loaned to the Egypt-like, undead series.

Yet, I believe they belong to the greenskins, as well. So here comes the tamer/master of one of many of my doing.

Night goblin standard bearer

Here it comes a very old project I finally finalised. Lovely merge of different night goblin generations. Body is a fanatic who lost his metal ball (thanks ebay for all these lovely spare parts!). Flag is a more recent night goblin bit from e-bay as well. So basically e-bay made this one ;)

Carrot-nosed shy leader

Here some pics of an old-time experiment. Needed a brave petty to whisper into my Orc Rogue Idol's ears. Waving its shredded left sleeve to the combat. Applied a long, curved nose. Love the silver, skull medaillon on the hat (much more defined in reality than on pics - sorry!). Indeed these close-ups have a lot of testing and fiddling with my camera, too.

And the Idol? Will follow soon... under heavy re-styling! See previous posts to get some preview.

The best green Christmas to all of you!

This does not come from the deep cold North, but rather from the Italian peninsula. A real masterpiece of creativity and technique perfectly combined in this absolutely outstanding Christmas token. By a promising young man Alessandro Venturini of Illusione Fantasy. Work in progress and close-ups kindly included, too.

Congrats, Man! Still many to come, Green Twins are sure!







Deep from the caves back home

Here a good example of some great buy on Ebay a long time ago. A nice bunch of overdarked night goblins with their two standard bearers, one sculpted and the other one with my usual, paint-on-paper technique. Forget the minis, the flags are great, aren’t they?

Goblin girls and chicks? They bite!

Some say Greenskins flourish from mushrooms and they turn into mushrooms once dead. Or at least this applies to Night goblins. Some others say they come and keep coming through a (or many) space-time gate(-s), meaning from the future or from the past. And they keep proliferating like spores. Truth is, noone knows and noone really want to know, especially if they do copulate...

On the other hand, we know in life it has never been easy... girls are of a proud and stubborn kind. Lez suppose for a while orcs have females and set aside all the spore things for a while.

Here you go: SOURCE

NB. This project dates back to February this year. No idea how it ended up. Please, let me know if you find out more!

British minis - excellent ones!

The purpose of this blog is also sponsoring alternative brands. 

Northumbian Tin Soldiers are comic and cartoonesque the way I like it. Some represent goblins&orcs (1), many other offer inspirations for easy conversions into greenskins by simply painting them in green (2), cutting a mustache or nose (3) or adding a face (4), some others are just perfect and ready-to-rank among your greenskins (5).

This one is just a sample. Worth checking the website.

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Primordial squig

This one represents one of my first attempts EVER! 

As you can see not squiggy enough yet! Shape and proportions are wrong. Still worth displaying, I think.

Apart from the usual father-son affection and the respect for the amount of time spent on it, I do like the face and the spikes, the evil grim and the blindfold, the unusual short teeth and the jumping legs, although they make impossible for this mini to stay on the battleground properly. (I should pierce it with a staff at some point or glue it on a stone or something). The legs asymmetry was not intended, but no doubt if adds dynamism and a sense of movement (check second pic).

I should add a pic from above to better show the spikes and the plaques. But these guys are well caged and difficult to reach, of course... ;)

Techniques and materials are a secret!

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